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City of Clovis schedules Town Hall Public for Unified Development Ordinance

April 10, 2019 @ 10:16 am
posted by Paul Nelson

In 2016, the City of Clovis retained consulting firm Duncan & Associates and Sites Southwest to complete a comprehensive review and revision of the city’s zoning and subdivision codes.  Since that time the Planning & Zoning Commission and staff, has been working on a Unified Development Ordinance.   A copy of the draft ordinance may be found here.

A Town Hall to present the proposed plan, and accept public comment, has been scheduled for 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 15, 2019 in the Assembly Room of the Bert Cabiness Government Center located at 321 N Connelly Street in Clovis.

Should you have any questions, comments or desire more information, please contact City of Clovis Planning & Zoning Administrator Louis Gordon at (575) 763-9639 or e-mail

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Press Release

SANTA FE — Today, the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) released source water sampling results from Cannon Air Force Base’s public water system taken in March, as well as the results of Cannon-area sampling done on drinking water systems in November 2018, soon after NMED learned of the per- and poly-fluorinated substance (PFAS) contamination.

The results from both sampling events indicate that PFAS were not detectable in most of the drinking water systems that were tested and there were no exceedances of federal health advisory levels. The dataset is available on NMED’s website.

Low concentrations of some PFAS were detected in samples collected from Turquoise Estates drinking water system, but these detections were below EPA health advisory levels. Residents of Turquoise Estates who would like to discuss these results can call the Department of Health at (505)827-0006. Ideally, people would not have any PFAS in their drinking water.

More information on the testing results and other topics related to PFAS contamination on and around Cannon Air Force Base will be presented at an April public meeting in Clovis hosted by NMED in conjunction with the New Mexico Departments of Health and Agriculture and the Office of the Attorney General.

The meeting will be from 6 to 8 p.m. April 29 in the Dr. Jay Gurley Town Hall Room at Clovis Community College, 417 Schepps Blvd, Clovis, NM 88101.


Plume remediation at Commerce & Prince

March 29, 2019 @ 3:54 pm
posted by Paul Nelson

City of Clovis Public Works Committee receive presentation regarding Petroleum plume remediation at Commerce Way and Prince Street

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, the City of Clovis Public Works Committee received a presentation from engineering firm Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, and Rene Romero, Project Manager with the NM Environment Department’s Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau, regarding remediation activities they are undertaking related to a petroleum plume at Commerce Way and Prince Street.    Engineering firm Daniel B. Stephens & Associates have been hired by the New Mexico Environment Department, who are funding and overseeing the remediation.   Below are some questions raised at the meeting, together with answers provided by Tom Golden with Daniel B. Stephens.   A copy of the powerpoint given at the meeting can be accessed here.

The presentation given to the Public Works Committee is available here.



Question:  Where is the area of contamination?
Answer:  In the area of Commerce and Prince.

Question:  Where did the contamination come from?
Answer:  The state of New Mexico Environment Department believes it comes from an old gas station that used to be located in what is now the intersection of Commerce and Prince

Question:  How and when was it found?
Answer:  In 2011 Allsup’s store replaced their underground storage tank system at 21st and Prince, and the contamination was found at the site.

 Question:  How deep down is the contamination?
Answer:  326 feet at the intersection of Prince and Commerce.

Question:  What is the speed of travel of the water in the aquifer in the impacted area?
Answer:  The gradient is .003 per foot, and could travel anywhere from 1 foot per year to as much as 100 feet per year.

Question:  What work will engineering firm Daniel B. Stephens conducting?
Answer:  Installation of 8 wells.  To look at the vertical and lateral extent of contamination in the area.  Four nested wells in the source area.

Question:  What is Daniel B. Stephens goal?
Answer:  The goals are onsite source removal, plume containment, groundwater treatment, and balance drawdown.

Question:  When will work start?
Answer:  Drilling is scheduled to commence May 6, 2019.  Each well will take about a week to install, so they are looking at a three month drilling program.  When that is over they hope that will give them the downgrading center of contamination and they will likely start their design process in the fall.

Question:  What will happen to the contaminated water that is withdrawn from the wells?
Answer:  The water will be treated and utilized in the effluent reuse system.

Answer:  Does EPCOR have any wells near there?
Answer: EPCORs nearest wells are at Greene Acres (which is upstream from the plume), and near Hillcrest Park.  EPCOR tested the wells they felt would be down gradient of this plume and they all came back non-detect for the chemicals in question.  EPCOR will continue to monitor on a regular basis.

Question:  How much water will Daniel B. Stephens remove from the remediation wells?
Answer:  50 gallons per minute.

Question:  Where will you dispose of the contaminated soil from the well borings?
Answer:  All the soil they pull out of the ground will be containerized in mud boxes that are hauled to Roswell.

Question:  When treatment is complete will you meet New Mexico Groundwater standards?
Answer:  It should meet standards for BOC’s.

Question:  What drilling method will Daniel B. Stephens use?
Answer:   Sonic drilling method which provides the best way to have characterizable soil samples and is the best option from a waste standpoint.

Question:  Who is paying for, and leading, the cleanup at Prince and Commerce?
The State of New Mexico Environment Department who has hired engineering firm Daniel B. Stephens.

Question:  Does this plume have anything to do with the PFAS/PFOA plume near Cannon Air Force Base?
Answer:  The plume has no relationship to groundwater contamination near Cannon Air Force Base.


Comprehensive Plan Survey

March 30, 2018 @ 2:27 pm
posted by Paul Nelson

The City of Clovis is conducting a survey as part of its comprehensive planning process, and would like to encourage the community to participate in this process.

The survey is located at and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.

For more information, please contact Claire Burroughes (Assistant City Manager) at (575) 769-7828 ( or Jackie Fishman (Principal with Consensus Planning) at (505) 764-9801.

Comprehensive Plan Survey Survey Press Release