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Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee
Contact: Commissioner Ladona Clayton




Meetings are scheduled at 12:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month in the Small Conference Room of the Bert Cabiness City Government Center, 321 N. Connelly.


January 17, 2017 Cultural and Ethnic Affairs Committee Minutes

March 21, 2017 Cultural and Ethnic Affairs Committee Minutes

May 16, 2017 Cultural and Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

June 13, 2017 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

July 11, 2017 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

July 11, 2017 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee Minutes

July 18, 2017 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

January 30, 2018 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

February 20, 2018 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

March 20, 2018 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee minutes

April 17, 2018 Cultural & Ethnic Affairs Committee agenda


To make recommendations to the commission regarding City related Cultural & Ethnic Affairs activities, in particular the annual Ethnic Fair.


The committee shall consist of seven voting members; one city commissioner and six members of the public, appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the city commission. The city manager, or his designee, shall serve in a non-voting ex-officio capacity.

Members of the committee shall be persons that have professional competence or experience with the arts, cultural activities, or ethnic affairs.

One public member shall be a resident of each commission district recommended by the commissioners of that district.  Two public members shall be residents of Curry County, residing outside the incorporated limits of the City of Clovis.

Public members shall serve a term of two years, which shall be staggered.  Initial public members shall determine the initial term by lot.

Any non-commissioner committee member may be removed from office by the mayor, with the consent of the City Commission, after due notice that such member has missed three (3) consecutive meetings or has been absent at 50% of the meetings held during any twelve (12) month period.  In the event of removal under this section, the position shall become vacant and shall be filled as provided in this ordinance.

The City Commission member shall serve as chairperson.  The Committee shall elect annually from its members, a vice chairman.  Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least quarterly, or at the call of the chairperson.  All meetings of the Committee shall be open to the public.

 Duties and Responsibilities

To encourage the creative activity in the arts of residents of this city, to enhance knowledge of cultural diversities, and to attract to this city additional outstanding creators in the field of fine arts through appropriate programs of publicity, education, coordination, and direct activities such as sponsorship of performing and visual arts; which may include:

  1. Conduct an annual ethnic fair
  2. Promote and conduct activities relating to our multicultural New Mexican heritage, including African American, Anglo, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American, and other ethnic communities.
  3. Develop programs or events relating to the “Clovis Man” history of Eastern New Mexico
  4. Promote the use of the Lyceum Theatre for entertainment, cultural, and artistic events
  5. Encourage interaction relating to cultural and artistic activities with Clovis Community College, Eastern New Mexico University, Cannon Air Force Base and with other government entities, private organizations, and educational institutions (Clovis Municipal Schools, Clovis Christian School)
  6. Develop ways to utilize Lodger’s Tax revenues to promote qualifying events and activities
  7. Pursue activities, presentations, performances, exhibitions, exchanges, and events that will promote cultural advancement and ethnic diversification in the community
  8. Coordinate consideration of sister city program to promote cultural and ethnic relationships beyond the local community