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Clovis/Curry County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)
Contact: Mr. Dan Heerding 575-763-9485

One member of the Clovis city commission
One member of the Curry County commission
A representative of Cannon Air Force Base
The emergency management director, who shall serve as chairman
The Clovis chief of police, or their designee
The Clovis fire chief, or their designee
The city of Clovis safety officer
A representative of the media (newspaper, radio, TV)
A representative of the American Red Cross
The city of Clovis director of public works, or his designee
The Curry County sheriff
A representative of the local unit of the National Guard
A representative from the local office of the New Mexico state police
A representative of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company
A representative of PRMC regional hospital
A representative of the local utility businesses
A representative of the radio operator’s organization
Three members of the general public

All of the organizations designated as having a representative on the executive council shall appoint that representative in accordance with their own procedures and shall identify the representative to the emergency management director. The members of the general public shall be appointed by the mayor and Curry County chairman, with the approval of the commissions.

The executive council may organize and form standing and ad hoc committees as necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities.


Meet every other month (January, March, May, July, September & November) on the second Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. at City Hall.


The executive council of the committee shall adopt rules of general application governing the execution of its responsibilities under this ordinance, the Act, SARA Title III (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act), and related applicable regulations. Such rules and regulations shall provide for the manner of operation, organization and procedures required to carry out its duties and responsibilities.  No rule or regulation shall become effective until approved by resolution of both the Clovis City Commission and Curry County Commission.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute the city and county emergency management program and to coordinate the efforts of all city and county agencies and employees and non-governmental agencies to prepare for and function in the event of emergencies endangering the lives and properties of the citizens of Clovis and Curry County.
  • To develop and coordinate comprehensive emergency management plans for the effective employment of city and county resources to protect the lives and health of the citizens of Clovis and Curry County and the private and public property therein from the effects of natural or man-caused emergency events, including acts of war.
  • To coordinate the implementation of the plans during periods of emergencies.
  • To coordinate with counties contiguous to Curry County and units of local government within Curry County and in consonance with New Mexico All Hazard Emergency Operations Plan.
  • To exercise all powers conferred by the Act.
  • To participate in carrying out for Curry County those responsibilities required of the LEPC, pursuant to SARA Title III and related regulations, including but not limited to:
  • Development, training and testing of the hazardous substance emergency response plan.
  • Development of procedures for regulated facilities to provide notification to the LEPC.
  • Development of procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public under the community right to know provisions of SARA Title III.
  • Provision for public notification.
  • To implement such other and further related activities as may hereafter be legally required by the federal government, the state emergency response commission, the Clovis City Commission or the Curry County Commission.